"There is room to grow, there are great leaders and leadership in place."
"A leader that is concerned about the people..."
"The motivation of TSE#2 seeks to build and inspire greater ministries by providing the tools to grow. #Teamwork #KingdomBuilding."
"Love is shown.." 
What are current members saying about TSE #2?
"...People servicing God with all their heart, mind and soul."
"The word of God is preached."
"The mentorship of the Bishop is hands on... he keeps the basic biblical principles of the old church and continues to move forward breaching generations."

"There are great opportunities to present and establish the current department..."
"There is an atmosphere that is real and set for change..."
"People are time oriented and the leader praises the importance of being on time."
"The house is in order."
"The leader is supportive."
If I was not a current member of the TSE#2 Jurisdiction. What current aspects would influence me to become a member?